Frequently Asked Questions - Meters

How do I start service?
My water/gas meter was not read this month!
Why is my water meter not located on my property?
Does the Commission still read my gas meter although I'm on the Budget Plan?


Start Service
If you are a new customer in the city or service area, the appropriate deposit and paperwork must be presented in your name. All paperwork should be complete and accurate. To see details on the required deposit(s), rates and fees, or to view and print our new service form, click the appropriate link below. To see if you are in our service area, call the City of Grayson Utilities Commission office at 474-7569.

Services Offered
Fees & Rates
New Utility Service Form 2005-A

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Was My Meter Read?
All meters are read unless estimated. If the meter is estimated it will have the word estimated printed on the bill for that month.  Consumption is estimated only if the meter cannot be read after several attempts or problems are detected with the meter.How can my meter have been read because:I placed (something) on the lid and it's still there
Over 75% of the Commission's water meters are now touch-read meters and therefore do not require the lid to be raised. However, the meter readers are instructed to replace all items found on top of a meter or lid, in the same place, after the meter has been read."There is dirt or mud on the meter face, covering the numbers" See above answer regarding the number of touch-read meters in our system. With regards to the non-touch-read meters, the meter boxes contain dirt, mud, and in some cases, ground water. It is not uncommon for the mud and dirt to cover the readings after one day. Therefore a meter reader could wipe the meter face clean on one day and the numbers could be covered again by the very next day.

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Meter Location
Although the Commission makes every effort to install the water meter on the customer's property, sometimes the distance to a main line is too far to make this feasible. In such cases, the Commission installs the meter on the nearest main line which is sometimes on someone else's property.

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Meter Reading for Customers on Budget Plan
Yes, meter readings are still obtained monthly.

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